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CSTE Emergency Preparedness and Response

CSTE supports state, tribal, local and territorial (STLT) epidemiologists during public health emergency responses by providing forums for bidirectional communication between federal response agencies and CSTE members, information and resource sharing, and technical assistance on the epidemiological response to facilitate a more effective, coordinated national response.

CSTE’s Concept of Operations (ConOps) Plan provides the CSTE National Office with operational guidance for response to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, environmental catastrophes, and other public health emergencies. The ConOps Plan articulates four levels of activation ranging from monitoring (level 1) to full activation with an Incident Command System (level 4) to support member needs. Because each event is unique, CSTE’s involvement in response activities may vary widely. Often, a request of support from federal partners or needs identified by member states and territories will dictate the level of response required of CSTE. For questions related to CSTE’s role in public health emergency responses, contact preparedness@cste.org.

General Information

For more information on CSTE’s Preparedness and Response activities, please contact the CSTE National Office at preparedness@cste.org. 


Most Current Public Health Information  

For the most up-to-date information on a domestic response to an outbreak or public health emergency, please visit CDC’s website.  


Healthcare Related Questions  

If you have healthcarerelated questions, please contact your local healthcare provider or your local or state health department directly.  


Media Inquiries  

If you are a member of the media requesting additional information, please email communications@cste.org. 


Response-specific Inquiries  

For response specific inquiries, please contact the CSTE National Office, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm ET at (770) 458-3811 or call the after-hours line at (678) 256-3945. 


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After Hours/Epi-On-Call Contact List

State Epidemiologists Contact List

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